Workwear is a book about the connection between the world of Labour and the Fashion Design. It deeply analyses the two worlds, overlapping them. And eventually, it points out that the two worlds are not so far from each other...

Two variations for the cover
Workwear - Lavoro, Moda, Seduzione is a project by Fondazione Pitti Discovery, created by Oliviero Toscani with 'La Sterpaia, bottega dell'arte e della comunicazione' and Olivier Saillard. 
This book (related to the exhibition held in Florence and in Paris in 2009) creates a visual connection between two different worlds: the world of work (and the working class) and the world of fashion (and fashionistas).
Besides the book, I also looked after the other supports, invites for the exhibition, ADs and so on...
The invitation for the Premiere
The Brochure
The outside of the Exhibition
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