Trius Typeface

This typeface has been created as part of my MA in graphic branding and identity

This typeface has been created as part of my MA in graphic branding and identity.
The search for an unambiguous identity has been the key factor for the design of this coding system.
The colour green is often associated with the city of L’Aquila, therefore the application of this colour for the brand identity created a connection with the territory, but it risked to weaken the identity of the brand if linked with a regular typeface. Thus the creation of a brand new system.
The design of this coding system ran parallel with the composition of the symbol for the project.
Its aim was to strengthen the composition made of triangles and merge the name of the project together with it.
The result of this task has been the conception of a bold geometric typeface.
I Assume you haven't read the text above. 
Since I made this font for a project, this is the application where I used it. Easy.
The ultimate version
All the triangles had to have the same angle, avoiding the "nubby" effect that can happen with a geometric font.
Implementation of the typeface into the symbols with different colour palettes.
Trying the new typeface into the icons of the App.
The A3 poster made for the exhibition at the London College of Communication.
The first version
As a starting point I followed the same rules of the ultimate one, but instead of having all the triangles at the same position they followed different directions. The problem of readibility happened when the letters created words, because the kerning was different for most of them.
Final Considerations
Obviously the first version looked quite akward when combined together.
The second version has a better kerning and allows the composition of words and phrases. The typeface can be used both in one colour only or with the shades I used for the interaction with the app.
Clearly this typeface is NOT made for writing a book.
It's been made for a logo, and it fits short sentences only.

Nevertheless, trying to write the bible with this might be interesting...
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