The Circle

A project about the simplest and possibly the most complicated shape: the circle.

Below some pages from the meaning part of the book.
Click on the issuu file to watch the entire project about the circle.
I made an A3 calendar about the maya calendar(S) and why it won't affect us.
The visual language of this project has been focused on a series of infographics.
The chosen media wanted to reflect the idea of the common desk calendars, but I decided to exaggerate the dimensions to stress the concept and also to create a proper effect with the different size of paper I used within the binding.
The final version of the infographics I used for the cover of the calendar.
I used a 300gs WHSmith white uncoated paper with a particular "dirt" grain.
All the pages are shorter than the last one. This is to show the difference the connection between the short calendars and the "long count" (shown below), aka the doomsday calendar. 
A detail of how the Mayan Gliphs are always explained on the rear pages.
All the pages are half-cut and show different (and related) information without turning the page
The information are on both sides of the pages. On the main page are shown the different mayan calendars while on the secondary pages are shown the explanation of mayan codes and icons.
The last page is double-layered. All around the central image there's a circle of punches that allows the user to reveal the difference between the monthly day count and the year count.
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