Editorial ADs

A summer campaign against the dog abandonment from the Italian Ministry of Health.

Razza umana o Razza disumana?
Client: Ministry of Health
Idea: Oliviero Toscani
Photo: Rocco Toscani
Layout and visual realisation: Emanuele Catena
This project was requested during the summer of 2008 by the italian ministry of health.
It was about fighting the abandonment of dogs during summer. 
The campaign used a large quantity of media, including newspapers, posters on the highways and tv spots.
Snai betting company

Client: SNAI
Idea: Oliviero Toscani
Photo: Oliviero Toscani
VIsual realization: Emanuele Catena, Sara Venturini
This campaign has been made in 2008.
The idea of the Ad was to use young and average guys for each billboard.
The design had to be made by the spaces, the geometries and the typefaces. 
It had to be not related with the sports whatsoever.
Razza Umana Ad
Half page created for a photographic happening.
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