Alghero / Event

the visual communication for a medical event held in Alghero.

Have you ever seen the visual 
communication of a medical congress? 
Well, if you had, you'd know that 
probably no designer has ever worked on it!  
Here's one small work I created for a medical congress... I hope you like it!
The congress has been held in Alghero, the only Catalan city in Italy. More precisely in the North of Sardinia. Clearly the city colours are red and yellow, the same as the Catalan Flag.

After several mockups related with the city map and the plain colurs, I thought about the meaning of the congress, a multidisciplinary event in medicine...

Therefore I drew a phonendoscope and an ophthalmoscope...
The idea of using the city colours was  actually pretty good;  it gave an instant connotation of being  in a city different from the others. Thus the colours were back in.
the 70x100cm Poster
For the poster I used a 150gs matte coated paper. 
The paper I used for the brochure is a 170gs uncoated recycled paper.
For the certificate of attendance and the badge I used a 300 gs uncoated paper.
For the scratchpad a 80gs uncoated paper.
A brochure, a certificate, the badge, a scratchpad
A picture of the brochures at the convention, together with the small magazine I also made for the medical society.
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