AI Final Show 08

The 2008 Visual Identity for the final show and design exhibition of the Accademia Italiana in Florence.

While I was still a student I had the honour of being chosen for the visual communication of the year-end events at Accademia Italiana Florence. 
For this task I created the logo, the colour pattern and all the applications for the fashion show and the design exhibition. I've also been able to lead the creative direction of the flow, i.e. the creative paper, the printing techniques for the supports....

Special Guests of the event: Vivienne Westwood, Eva Cavalli, Cini Boeri...
The explanation of how the Idea for the Identity was born.
The typeface I created for the event was intended to cope with the topic of the entire exhibition: "less is more or less is a bore". Is a dot a simple shape, or is it a starting point for a bigger picture?
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