My name is Emanuele, I'm 31 and Italian.
I come from a small city in the centre of Italy (CFR, please google Teramo and Gran Sasso).
I have a MA in Graphic Banding and Identity passed with Distinction at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) and a BA with First Class Honours in Graphic Design (reference letters here!).
Besides my education I worked with Oliviero Toscani and La Sterpaia agency, I taught Graphic Design at Accademia Italiana in Florence and lately in Bangkok, where I lived for six months.
In 2011 I opened an agency in my hometown. At the beginning of 2013 this agency flowed into a bigger one and now I'm Partner Creative Director for them. This new position gives me the possibility to work for them everywhere in the world, and this is pretty cool!
I love to travel (plane, bus, train, car, backpacking or tramping), I love to meet new people, learning new languages, I love design and photography, I love Art (seriously, visiting a museum with me could take quite a long time), I love to eat and try new recipes (but I'm Italian, after all, pasta and pizza win). I love to read and I love to discover new stuff.
That's it, for now! If you fancy to discover some more about me, don't hesitate to send me an email!

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